Traveling with MJ

Traveling with MJ is the personal travel and lifestyle blog of Mary Jo Manzanares. It contains content dating back to March 2006, some of which was published on her previous site, Flyaway Cafe.

Content focus is on value luxury destinations, experiences, and products, and blurs the lines between travel and lifestyle. Value luxury is defined as luxury for real people, knowing when to splurge and when to save.

The target reader is a baby boomer, college educated woman, most likely a college graduate or having post-secondary education. They come from affluent households ($150,000+ in annual income), are the primary decision maker on travel plans, and travel frequently for leisure (7+ times per year). Most travel for business as well.

Content credibility centers around Mary Jo’s 30+ years working in the travel industry. A large number of readers are flight crew, predominantly Flight Attendants, and content is shared among flight crew on secure sites. It’s not unusual to see readers from other countries, whether they are U.S. Flight Attendants working abroad or laying over, or Flight Attendants from foreign carriers. Flight Attendants are some of the most influential people a traveler meets during the actual time of their travel, and are regularly asked for recommendations of places to go, restaurants, and areas to visit.

Current readership averages 134,743 page views per month and 81,643 unique readers per month.

Traveling with MJ accepts press trips, social influencer campaigns, advertising, newsletter placement, sponsorships, and various collaborative partnerships.

Social accounts are as follows, with data as of May 2018, indicated in parenthesis. Since these numbers grow and change on a near daily basis, you should click through for current data.

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