The Travelers Way

Launched in March 2011, The Travelers Way was founded by Mary Jo Manzanares with two supporters, one from the travel tech world and the other from the travel business world. Mary Jo currently owns and manages the site, serving as its Editor in Chief.

While much of the content on The Traveler’s Way serves as inspiration for armchair travelers and dreamers, at its core its focus is to provide practical tips and information for practical travelers. You won’t find off-the-chart luxury travel here, but you will find affordable luxury options within budget reach of couples and families. You’ll find recommendations of things to do, places to eat, and where to stay that are worth spending your time and money on. This is information you can use to research, plan, and book the next trip.

The target readers are college-educated women aged 40+, many of whom have teen children at home. They generally live in two-income households, allowing discretionary budget for travel two to three times each year.

Content is written by a staff of freelancers as well as occasional disclosed sponsored content.

2016 readership was 8,116 page views per month and 6,516 unique readers per month.

The Travelers Way accepts advertising, sponsored content and native advertising (disclosed), and various collaborative partnerships. We also accept high-quality guest posts.

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